High-Visibility LED Safety Lights for Enhanced Security Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-528-Led warning light


• High bright LED lights
• simple to install on rear or sides of the cars
• Visibility 200M
• Suitable for heavy duty vehicles.
• High resistance to impact and shock

On-the-Road Safety: Elevate Visibility with LED Emergency Lights for Vehicles

In the realm of vehicle safety, LED emergency lights are indispensable tools for ensuring visibility and alertness. As your trusted supplier of safety solutions, we take pride in offering high-performance LED emergency lights crafted specifically for vehicles.


Cutting-Edge Illumination: The Essence of Our LED Emergency Lights

Our LED emergency lights for vehicles represent the pinnacle of cutting-edge illumination technology. Engineered for optimal brightness and energy efficiency, these lights ensure that your vehicle remains highly visible during emergencies.


Versatile Applications: LED Safety Lights for Every Need

The versatility of our LED safety lights extends across a spectrum of applications. Whether you need discreet surface-mounted lights for undercover vehicles or robust light bars for emergency response vehicles, our range caters to diverse requirements.


Precision in Design: Manufacturing Quality LED Safety Lights

As a manufacturer specializing in safety solutions, our LED emergency lights are meticulously designed and manufactured with precision. Choose our LED emergency lights for vehicles to enhance on-the-road safety.


This Led flash warning light is installed on rear tail of vehicles to enhance warning effectiveness. 


Shell Material: Plastic PC 
Led light: yellow color 
Size: 20x20 per square 
Sale unit: Set of 4 


This device is widely used for trucks, trailers, utility cars, crane , forklift, and other heavy duty vehicles. Extra lights give well-round safety.

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