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HS-516B -Led cone warning light


• A long handle easy to install and hold.
• Automatically lights on at night /light off on the day.
• Super bright LED bulbs.
• Flashing frequency 120 cycles per minute
• Light visual distance of 200m in dark.
• Visible Angle: 360 degrees
• A hanging design on top and bottom

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Handheld Emergency Strobe Warning Light, just insert into cone holes for usage. Battery powered. 
*Some pictures are not right for this item, used for illustration purpose 
*Made in Taiwan 


Material: PC housing, ABS handle
Power: Solar powered, rechargeable type
Battery:‎ 2 X D batteries required.
Bulb: 4pcs LED bulbs 
Voltage: 1.5 Volts
Lens Color: Red or Yellow



Handheld type perfectly to fit in traffic cones, assist traffic cone for purpose of barricade and warning. Also it can be seated a sleeve and column on constructions, crane towers, trucks, gardens and houses for light warning in the darkness.

Traffic cone light housing is made on injection-molding machine



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