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HS-410-T-TOP delineator post

HS-410-T-TOP delineator post


• Blow molded stem
• T-Top shape carry handle
• Detachable octagon base, molded a slot to hold a sign board.
• Recycled PVC base weight comes with choices of 6kgs and 8kgs.
• Place reflective bands in recessed areas for protection.
• Octagon base to support sturdily upright
• Custom color, text, logo are available.

T-Top delineator post servers as a handle to grip easily, base weight with a slot to hold a signal sign. 

HDPE stem, PVC base

Stem dimension:
H115 x Ø10 cm

Octagon base:
43cm from the farthest corner.
Fitting 6kgs or 8kgs base

Stems in PP woven bag, Bases on Pallet. 
Other material is optional like PE

Perfectly used for everywhere which needs as a barrier for crowd control, also as a channelizer to direct people. Our base is designed to stand upright in strength, also suitable for outdoor events.

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