Safety Cone Sign Holder | Material: PP | Made in Taiwan

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cone sign holder


Sign holder / message card holder with 2 hooks
Sizes of hard board within 15mm thickness can be fixed for guides of direction and information.
2 hooks can equip chains as a temporary barrier

Ensuring Visibility and Safety with Cone Sign Holders

In environments where safety is paramount, a reliable safety cone sign holder becomes an essential tool for effective communication. These holders serve as a visible and informative solution, enhancing awareness in various settings. As a dedicated provider of safety solutions, our commitment is to offer robust and practical safety cone sign holders that elevate the safety standards in your workplace.


Versatile Solutions for Hazard Communication

Our range of safety cone sign holders is designed with versatility in mind. Whether used in construction zones, roadwork areas, or indoor facilities, these holders securely display essential information. From caution signs to directional indicators, our commitment as a trusted provider is to offer versatile solutions that effectively communicate potential hazards and safety instructions.


Durable Design for Long-lasting Performance

The durability of a safety cone sign holder is crucial for its effectiveness over time. Recognizing this, our products are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand various weather conditions and heavy usage. As your dedicated supplier, our commitment is to provide durable sign holders that contribute to a safer work environment by ensuring clear communication and visibility.


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The device is made to work with traffic cones, delineators. 
Welcome to customize colors and logos. 
Made in Taiwan 


Material: PP 
Size: 24cm×11cm
Inner cap: 6.6cm 
Color: Black



Cone sign holder is made to fit traffic cones and delineator posts. This device has function of sign alert and barrier fencing to enhance traffic cones or delineator, which is economic and extremely useufl device to choose.

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